All-Natural Bug Spray Recipe (2024)

Deter mosquitoes naturally with this natural bug spray that uses witch hazel and essential oils for a pleasant smelling, but very effective homemade bug spray.

Ugh. Mosquitoes. I hate them, but they love me. No, really. They love to bite me. If you think it’s rubbish that mosquitoes prefer to bite some people over others, I am living proof that it’s a true phenomenon.

In fact, going camping is a brutal experience for me, because they love me more than anyone else around. Unfortunately, my body has a stronger immune response to mosquito saliva than some people experience, which means that when I get a mosquito bite, I develop huge, welt-y, itchy bumps.

So while some people barely notice a bug bite, I’m dancing around scratching those itchy welts and practically jumping out of my skin!

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Effective and Natural Bug Spray

I used to douse myself in horrible smelling commercial bug sprays and lotions but they disrupted me almost as much as they did the mosquitoes. And honestly, sometimes they didn’t work all that well anyway.

I dislike mosquitoes (or at least their bite)…and I love easy DIY projects. Today’s DIY natural bug spray project satisfies both requirements! Other projects that also fit the bill include the Citronella CANdle project and my Terracotta Pot Citronella Candles.

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By the way, if you are a camper, I also recommend adding herbs to your campfire to keep bugs away. It really works!

When it’s time to blow out the CANdles or stomp out the fire and come inside, invariably a few little buggers have camped out in hiding spots around the bedroom just waiting to hear peaceful, rhythmic breathing so they can attack.

Safe Essential Oil Bug Spray That Works

Oh, I almost forgot. There’s one more requirement for the perfect bug spray. I don’t like putting toxic stuff on my skin as you will see in the Natural Skincare Series of recipes.

Since kids absorb even more chemicals into their skin, I really don’t want to put toxic stuff on them.

It was time to make an effective and safe essential oil bug spray and ditch the chemical-filled commercial stuff.

This all-natural bug spray recipe is bad for bugs, but it’s good for you because it’s super simple to make. It’s also good because it actually smells nice, unlike most bug spray products you can buy in the store. And finally, it’s not toxic to your skin.

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Why Does This Natural Bug Spray Work So Well?

Thanks to some pleasant-smelling essential oils in a base of witch hazel that I love and they hate, mosquitoes will fly away from you instead of towards you. Take that, aggravating mosquitoes!

Ingredients That Deter Mosquitoes

It’s important to note that this isnot a spray that harms bugs. If they somehow get to you and take a bite, it isn’t going to poison them or anything. Rather, this natural bug spray acts as a deterrent that discourages them from getting close to you in the first place! So, you can rest assured that this natural bug spray will not disrupt the ecosystem or hurt anything, whether it’s a mosquito, a flowering bush, or your family.

There are certain plants that mosquitoes hate: herbs such as mint, lemon balm, lavender, sage, and citronella (maybe the most famous of this list). When it comes to essential oils, it turns out that mosquitoes also hate lemongrass, rosemary, and eucalyptus.

That means we can harvest the natural power of these plants and make a custom blend of scents that will have mosquitos flying the other direction from you. You’ll remain bite-free and get to enjoy the yummy smelling oils at the same time!

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If you are like me and hate becoming the inevitable mosquito buffet during the warm weather months, try making this homemade bug spray. When you spray this on, you’ll enjoy being outside again – and everyone else will become mosquito lunch for once.

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How to Make My Homemade Bug Spray

Remember how I said I love easy projects? Well, this little DIY bug spray is not only a snap to mix together, but it only takes (maybe) a minute to complete. Quick and easy…I’m all for it!

Important Note: While this recipe doesn’t contain any harmful chemicals, some essential oils can be strong enough that they irritate skin – especially children’s sensitive skin. If you have any concerns at all about that, simply spray this all-natural essential oil bug spray on clothing, hats, and other gear rather than directly on the skin.

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Ingredients for the DIY Mosquito Repellent:


  1. Add all ingredients into a small glass or plastic atomizer. Shake to mix.
  2. Shake well and apply liberally.

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How to Naturally Treat Mosquito Bites

I have found this spray to workvery well. However, if you forget to wear it, or if someone you’re with does receive a mosquito bite, there’s a simple way to treat it. I highly recommend you keep a bottle of this natural insect bite roll-on with you any time you’re outdoors. It’s my favourite way to treat those painful, itchy welts.

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Looking for more effective natural solutions to try? Here is a handy resource guide for finding all you will need to create a home apothecary:

All-Natural Bug Spray Recipe (8)

And there you go! I hope this easy but effective natural bug spray changes how you deter mosquitoes this summer. Now get out there and enjoy the warm weather without worrying about becoming a mosquito sampler plate!

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Easy DIY Natural Bug Spray

This essential oil bug spray will stop you from becoming a mosquito sampler plate! Avoid those itchy, uncomfortable welts and stay comfortable outdoors.

Cost $3



  • Pour all of the ingredients into anatomizer or spray bottle.

  • Shake well to combine.


Note: some essential oils can be strong enough that they can irritate delicate, sensitive skin, such as children's. In this case, it is recommended to spray this bug spray onto clothing instead of the skin itself.

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All-Natural Bug Spray Recipe (2024)
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