42 Brussels Sprouts Recipes Even Haters Will Love (2024)

42 Brussels Sprouts Recipes Even Haters Will Love (1)

There's one thing that really unites us all: plenty of bad childhood memories with Brussels sprouts. But we’re here to tell you, they’ve got the potential to be SO much better than you remember. Trust us, like other unfairly maligned veggies (mushrooms, beets, radishes...), it’s all in the way you cook them. They’re glorious as a side dish, of course, but we’re also snacking on them and pairing them with our mains too. Check out our 42 best Brussels sprouts recipes for ideas—you might just change your mind on these tiny cruciferous veggies.

Let’s start with the basics. Brussels often get a bad rap, and we think it’s because people don’t know how to properly cook them. Due to their chemical make-up, they (along with other members of the brassica family, like broccoli, cauliflower, and kale) can taste a little bitter or sulfur-y (read: farty) to some people. If you just steam or boil them, you’re pretty much just locking that flavor in, and no one wants that. Instead, try roasting them, sautéing them, grilling them, smashing them like potatoes, or making them in your air fryer—trust us, they’re wildly improved with a little added crisp to their edges.

Once you’ve got that down, you can get creative and add any flavors you like. Try our bang bang Brussels sprouts, our Kung Pao Brussels sprouts, or our BBQ lime Brussels sprouts for ideas, but really, the sky’s the limit. Enjoy these as sides or in your main dishes too. Check out our Brussels sprouts hash (great for breakfast!), our bacon harvest chicken skillet, or our for ways you can incorporate them into meals you’ll come back to again and again.

You can also enjoy them just as a snack or appetizer, like in our Parmesan crusted Brussels sprouts, our bacon ranch Brussels, or our candied walnut Brussels sprouts bites. Bust these out at your next party, and be prepared to share the recipes!

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Parmesan Crusted Brussels Sprouts

42 Brussels Sprouts Recipes Even Haters Will Love (3)

Whether you’re a die-hard Brussels sprouts lover or a hater, it’s hard not to see the appeal of these irresistible crispy, cheesy bites. We coat them in a cheesy, garlicky mixture before baking on a high heat, giving them an ultra-crispy crust perfect for dunking in homemade Caesar dressing.

Get the Parmesan Crusted Brussels Sprouts recipe.


Honey Mustard Chicken

42 Brussels Sprouts Recipes Even Haters Will Love (4)

Chicken thighs are certainly the juiciest and most flavorful part of the chicken, but they also take the longest to cook. Here we trim them and sear the skin before roasting to help speed up the cooking, meaning you can have this one-skillet meal featuring Brussels and sweet potatoes on the dinner table in no time.

Get the Honey Mustard Chicken recipe.


Shredded Brussels Sprouts

42 Brussels Sprouts Recipes Even Haters Will Love (5)

We love classic sautéed Brussels sprouts, but sometimes we crave something with a bit more kick. These slightly spicy salty-sweet sprouts make for a unique and easy fall side dish.

Get the Shredded Brussels Sprouts recipe.

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Kung Pao Brussels Sprouts

42 Brussels Sprouts Recipes Even Haters Will Love (6)

Inspired by the popular Chinese takeout dish Kung Pao chicken, these saucy Brussels sprouts are dangerously delicious. If you want to up the spice level, feel free to add red chiles with the garlic.

Get the Kung Pao Brussels Sprouts recipe.


Air-Fryer Brussels Sprouts

42 Brussels Sprouts Recipes Even Haters Will Love (7)

Crispy, tender Brussels are possible in only 18 minutes thanks to your air fryer. The quick dressing makes them a little more vibrant and brightens the veggie up—skip or replace the honey with agave or maple if you don't eat it.

Get the Air-Fryer Brussels Sprouts recipe.


Cheesy Brussels Sprout Bake

42 Brussels Sprouts Recipes Even Haters Will Love (8)

This is one side dish that will everyone freak out about (and run for seconds). If you have vegetarian guests, feel free to skip the bacon! We're usually all about the smoky flavor, but for this dish, it's all about the CHEESE.

Get the Cheesy Brussels Sprout Bake recipe.

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Crispy Cheddar Pork Chops With Brussels Sprouts & Apples

42 Brussels Sprouts Recipes Even Haters Will Love (9)

It’s time for some next-level shake and bake with these crispy, cheddary pork chops served with an easy Brussels sprouts and apples side. Both the panko and the cheddar crisp up on the outside of the chops to form a tasty spiced crust that keeps the pork super-juicy and tender. Try this method with any variety of spices to change things up all fall long.

Get the .


Grilled Brussels Sprouts

42 Brussels Sprouts Recipes Even Haters Will Love (10)

Brussels sprouts aren't a particularly dirty vegetable (*cough* leeks), but it's still good to give them a good rinse to remove any debris. Trim the ends of the sprouts and discard any leaves that fall off in the process. Place trimmed sprouts in a large bowl and cover with cold water. Drain in a colander, pat dry, and continue with your recipe!

Get the Grilled Brussels Sprouts recipe.


Autumn Kielbasa Sheet Pan Bake With Creamy Curry Dijon Sauce

42 Brussels Sprouts Recipes Even Haters Will Love (11)

The idea of combining curry powder with sausage comes from a German fast food dish called currywurst (sausage with French fries and curry ketchup), and it's equally delightful in this ketchup-free, creamy rendition. It adds a hit of flavor to the freshly roasted kielbasa, Brussels sprouts, sweet potatoes, and grapes.

Get the Autumn Kielbasa Sheet Pan Bake With Creamy Curry Dijon Sauce recipe.

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Honey Balsamic Glazed Brussels Sprouts

42 Brussels Sprouts Recipes Even Haters Will Love (12)

The hardest part of making these Brussels sprouts is leaving them alone. They're cooked until perfectly tender and golden brown, then glazed with a balsamic glaze that will change your life. If you're anything like us, you're going to be popping these in your mouth like they're popcorn.

Get the Honey Balsamic Glazed Brussels Sprouts recipe.


Creamed Brussels Sprouts

42 Brussels Sprouts Recipes Even Haters Will Love (13)

These are a holiday party MUST—even Brussels haters will love it. Not a fan of Fontina? Gruyère or white cheddar would also be delicious here!

Get the Creamed Brussels Sprouts recipe.


Brussels Sprouts Hash

42 Brussels Sprouts Recipes Even Haters Will Love (14)

Brussels sprouts are the perfect vegetable. They're amazing roasted, go great with , and now they make up the best low-carb hash that you can serve for breakfast or as a side. We keep falling more and more in love.

Get the Brussels Sprouts Hash recipe.

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Holiday Roasted Vegetables

42 Brussels Sprouts Recipes Even Haters Will Love (15)

The dried cranberries and balsamic vinegar add some sweetness and tartness while the pecans provide an extra crunch to these holiday-worthy vegetables. We use Brussels sprouts and carrots, but feel free to use up extra vegetables or swap in some of your favorites.

Get the Holiday Roasted Vegetables recipe.


Smashed Brussels Sprouts

42 Brussels Sprouts Recipes Even Haters Will Love (16)

In order to smash the Brussels sprouts, you need to boil them first. (Just like smashed potatoes!) Make sure to pat them realllll dry, even after you smashed them, so that they crisp up in the oven. And don't skimp on the cheese!

Get the Smashed Brussels Sprouts recipe.


Brussels Sprout Chips

42 Brussels Sprouts Recipes Even Haters Will Love (17)

Not only are are Brussels our favorite veggie side, they're now our favorite salty, crunchy snack! We love this garlic-Parm variety dipped in Caesar dressing, but ranch wouldn't be a bad idea either.

Get the Brussels Sprout Chips recipe.

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Bacon Harvest Chicken Skillet

42 Brussels Sprouts Recipes Even Haters Will Love (18)

This easy chicken thigh recipe with bacon and Brussels sprouts comes together in one skillet. It's the perfect cozy dinner to make during fall and winter. Don't forget to toast a few good slices of bread to sop up all the delicious juices!

Get the Bacon Harvest Chicken Skillet recipe.


Parmesan Brussels Sprouts Salad

42 Brussels Sprouts Recipes Even Haters Will Love (19)

Making this salad might seem intimidating, but it doesn't actually require much prep. Tossed with a combo of toasted almonds, shaved Parmesan, and pomegranate seeds, Brussels make a great side for any fall get-together.

Get the Parmesan Brussels Sprouts Salad recipe.


Sautéed Brussels Sprouts

42 Brussels Sprouts Recipes Even Haters Will Love (20)

As much as we love roasted Brussels sprouts, the speed and ease of sautéed sprouts can't be beat. These little guys are endlessly riffable, so throw in red pepper flakes, cumin seeds, fresh oregano, or any other flavors you love.

Get the Sautéed Brussels Sprouts recipe.

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Harvest Chicken Casserole

42 Brussels Sprouts Recipes Even Haters Will Love (21)

This satisfying casserole has ALL of your fall favorites—Brussels sprouts, butternut squash, cranberries... Make it for a big crowd, or pack it up and eat the leftovers for lunch. It's a meal prep DREAM.

Get the Harvest Chicken Casserole recipe.


Crispy Balsamic Chicken

42 Brussels Sprouts Recipes Even Haters Will Love (22)

Simple, healthy weeknight dinners are a must during the fall, and this one-pan dinner is a favorite of ours. Crispy chicken thighs are surrounded by Brussels sprouts and a tangy balsamic sauce. It's quick and easy and might inspire you to want to cook a homemade dinner every night of the week.

Get the Crispy Balsamic Chicken recipe.

42 Brussels Sprouts Recipes Even Haters Will Love (23)

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42 Brussels Sprouts Recipes Even Haters Will Love (2024)


Why do you soak brussel sprouts before cooking? ›

The soak time tenderizes the sprouts so the middles are softer. Don't worry, they won't be soggy! I would never do that to you. If, like me, you don't mind some chew to your sprouts, you don't need to soak the Brussels sprouts prior to cooking.

When should you not use brussel sprouts? ›

Throw out fresh brussel sprouts that have a foul odor, yellow or wilted leaves, a mushy or slimy texture, or dark spots. Use fresh brussel sprouts within 1–2 weeks of getting them. Store the brussel sprouts in a plastic bag inside your fridge, and wash them before cooking them.

How many Brussels sprouts should you eat a day? ›

A ½ cup of Brussels sprouts is a good source of Vitamin K (137% RDI) and Vitamin C (81% RDI) Kids, Ages 5-12 Teens and Adults, Ages 13 and up Males 2½-5 cups per day 42 - 6½ cups per day Females 2½-5 cups per day 3½-5 cups per day *If you are active, eat the higher number of cups per day.

Who doesn t like brussel sprouts? ›

On the other hand, some people will have both copies of the bitter-tasting PTC gene. They are known as 'supertasters' and would find Brussel sprouts extremely bitter, meaning that they are likely to be disgusted by them!

Should you cut brussel sprouts in half before cooking? ›

One of the most common ways to cut a Brussels sprout is in half or quarters. By doing so, you reduce the size of the sprouts, speeding up cooking.

Why boil brussel sprouts before roasting? ›

Your first step should always be to blanch the brussels sprouts. This is basically when they get submerged in boiling water just for a few minutes, not until they're fully cooked, but just enough to take away some of the bitterness. Blanching also softens them and preserves their beautiful bright green color.

What is one major side effect of eating brussel sprouts? ›

Irritable bowel syndrome (IBS): Eating Brussels sprout might cause gas. This could make symptoms of IBS worse.

How many times a week should you eat brussel sprouts? ›

Adding even just one or two servings of Brussels sprouts to your diet a few times a week can help you meet your vitamin C needs. Brussels sprouts are high in vitamin C, an antioxidant that's important for immune health, iron absorption, collagen production, and the growth and repair of tissues.

What is the black stuff on brussel sprouts? ›

Alternaria Leaf Spot and Blackleg are the fungal party crashers ruining your Brussels sprouts' vibe. These fungi love a moist environment and will exploit any weakness in your plants, be it a tiny wound or just the plant's natural openings.

Which is healthier broccoli or brussel sprouts? ›

While broccoli may have a higher count of calories, fat, and carbs, it is richer in calcium, iron, and pantothenic acid (a B vitamin that does wonders for healthy hair), and has a bit more potassium. Brussels sprouts, on the other hand, are lower in sodium.

Is it OK to eat a whole bag of brussel sprouts? ›

Eating Brussels sprouts is generally a healthy choice, as they are a good source of vitamins, minerals, fiber, and antioxidants. However, eating a excessive amount of any single food regularly may not be advisable, as it can lead to an imbalance in your diet. Variety is key to a well-rounded, balanced diet.

Who eats the most brussel sprouts? ›

Containing more vitamin C than an orange and with just eighty calories in a half pound, Britons eat more of them than any other European country, around 40,000 tonnes a year — and yes, we do eat them all year round. Two-thirds of Brussels sprout consumption in the UK is outside of the festive season.

Why are brussel sprouts so disliked? ›

A 2011 study by Cornwall College found that sprouts contain a chemical, similar to phenylthiocarbamide, which only tastes bitter to people who have a variation of a certain gene. The research found that around 50 per cent of the world's population have a mutation on this gene.

What makes brussel sprouts taste better? ›

In the late 1990s scientists identified specific chemicals, called glucosinolates, that made Brussels sprouts taste bitter. Plant breeders started growing old seeds, previously discarded for producing paltry harvests, to identify tastier versions with lower levels of these compounds.

How do you eat brussel sprouts if you don't like them? ›

Roast them

You can roast just about any vegetable and it will turn out delicious. Brussels sprouts are no different. The sweet flavor intensifies and some of the leaves turn brown and crispy. Yum!

How long should you soak brussel sprouts in salt water? ›

Contributed by Whole Foods Market, Inc. To prepare, soak Brussels sprouts in a bowl of cold, salted water for 20 minutes. Preheat oven to 400°F.

Do sprouts need to be soaked? ›

Soaking: Think of soaking as the initial step before actually sprouting a legume, grain, nut or seed. Many people soak beans before cooking to cut down on cooking time and reduce compounds that may cause gasiness in our digestive systems (although it's not completely necessary, it's definitely recommended).

Should sprouts be soaked? ›

However, the natural agents that protect them from early germination can wreak havoc in our digestive system. Soaking and sprouting replicates germination, which activates and multiplies nutrients (particularly Vitamins A, B, and C), neutralizes enzyme inhibitors, and promotes the growth of vital digestive enzymes.

How do you get the bitterness out of brussel sprouts? ›

A splash of lemon juice, or even apple cider vinegar, works wonders on bitter sprouts. Another key ingredient is fat, which helps Brussels sprouts to crisp up.

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